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Buy Indian Virgin Hair

Whenever you tried to buy wig one question always strike in mind whether to buy Handmade or machine made wefts. Both of these have their own advantages. One survey reveals that Indian hand tied wefts are more preferred by women’s. As compare to machine-tied wefts these wefts are more flexible and thinner. The more real and natural look is given by flatter because it permits the remy hair extensions to lay closer to the head. Generally Indian hand tied wefts comes in different pieces and approximately haved 24 inches width. It is so flexible that it never allow lumpies around the crown. The main difference between machine made and handmade tied wefts is that: Hair loss is quite less in the process of handmade tied wefts. At the time of preparing, these wefts are skewed in proper manner and this is a result of professional workers who know the process of weaving and make each bundle together.

All the base ends are stick together and is woven manually by professionals on the other hand in machine weft, seam are used to weaved tightly. Few of more features that increase the quality of hand tied wefts are:

• It look same as natural

• It is more Attractive and stylish

• Amazing texture

• Manufacture with the help of finest material

• Simple to use

• Can be changed to all type of hairstyles

• Exquisite shine and brightness

• Preferential hair style can be give

• Handmade wefts are under under budget